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What is SK OptionTrader?

SK Option Trader is our premium options trading service.

We send trading signals to our subscribers of trades we place on our own account.

By subscribing one effectively has the benefit of all our analysis, experience and knowledge for a small fee. It would take many years of study, practice and research to reach the level of knowledge and experience we have worked so hard to attain, assuming one had the aptitude to be a successful trader (95% of people do not and can end up losing a lot of money figuring that out!).

Subscribing to our service could help towards earning a return and will also fast track one’s own personal knowledge – if that is desired. In addition to learning, subscribers can enjoy the benefit of our performance.

We clearly communicate the important fundamentals in a given market, where we see it going and why. There are a multitude of indicators and models one can utilize to form a view on a given asset. In reality there are only a few that are truly important. We break it down and give a clear, relevant summary of what is going on at any given point.

We send out weekly updates to our subscribers with all our thoughts, analysis and future expectations summarized in a comprehensible easy to understand format. We cut out the unnecessary information that the internet is littered with and allow our subscribers to focus on the relevant points. When market conditions are right we action a trade and instantly send all subscribers that precise trading signal, clearly communicated with the status of our full model portfolio.

The team here constantly strives to find the best risk/return opportunities for our subscribers.

The point of difference that sets our service apart from others is our clarity and communication. A lot of paid services will simply send out their opinions and perhaps what they’re buying or selling – for instance “we’re bullish on the Euro for reasons X Y and Z”. In reality this is of no use to most of us as there is no advice on:

·       Which instrument/fund to use

·       How much leverage is prudent

·       What % of the portfolio to allocate

·       How long to stay in the trade

Figuring the direction of the market is only part of the equation. Knowing how to trade that view is critical to success.

Our recent 70.24% winner is an example of what format our trading signals take. When we placed this trade we sent subscribers the following signal:

We hereby signal to buy the GLD Jan 19 '13 $170/$175 Vertical Call Spread at $0.84 with 5% of our capital allocated to this trade.

To execute this trade we are buying the $170 calls and simultaneously selling the $175 calls for a net debit for $0.84.

The risk in this trade is limited to $0.84. Therefore for every option contract in the spread we have $84 at risk. Therefore to allocate $1680 in accordance with our model portfolio one would execute 20 options in each leg.

This sounds confusing and intimidating to those unfamiliar with options but here is some research on this to help clarify this issue for you. We recently explained how the dynamics of this trade work, a brief read should have you familiar in no time.

When it is time to close a trade we send another clear, concise signal to subscribers.

As easy as our service is to use, it can be made even easier with help of our auto trading partners! If one does not have the time to regularly monitor our emails in order to place our trading signals or simply wants a more passive way to use our service, Global Autotrading and e-Option are just the answer. These two services execute our trading signals on our subscribers behalf, meaning when we signal a trade the auto traders automatically enter into it with the precise amount of your capital allocated based on our emails. There are some fees involved however; the auto trader services facilitate subscriber participation for those seeking the ultimate in ease of trading.

So that’s our service in a nutshell. What is more important is how we perform:

·       Our model portfolio is up 505.98% since inception

·       An annualized return of 78.31%

·       An average return of 35.55% per trade

·       104 closed trades, 95 closed at a profit

·       An average trade is open for 53.52 days

$10,000 invested just over 3 years ago at the inception of our service would have grown to over $60,000! We have generated over 500% in this time period.

Read what our subscribers have to say about the service to see if we are right for you! Or take some time to read some of our archived posts to see if you agree with our analysis.

All of our updates and trading signals
up until the end 2011 are viewable to give you a taste of the information that is accessible to our subscribers.

We currently have 4 trades open and with QE3 having been launched recently precious metals look to have a huge run ahead of them.

Subscribe now to see these and future trades.

Subscribe for 6 months- $499

Subscribe for 12 months- $799

And a warm welcome to a winning team.

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Reader Comments (2)

Please tell me if your recommendations are available on a Canadian stock exchange.

October 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDel Funk

Good Day Del,

The biggest portion of our trades are in New York, for gold and silver trades we tend to use SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (NYSEARCA: GLD) and iShares Silver Trust (ETF) (NYSEARCA: SLV)

A number of our subscribers have told us that their stock broker does not have access or is unable trade on the American Exchanges. So, as a solution we suggest that they use either:

a) A web based trading platform that can provide the service and there are a few of them available these days to execute our trades and they can trade on a large variety of exchanges around the world.


b) Use one of the auto-trading services that we name on our website. As far as we can tell this service is working very well for those traders who are too busy or live in the wrong time zone etc. Our subscribers come all over the planet so they need this sort help, otherwise they are getting up in the middle of the night to execute a trade. Auto-trading solves that problem.

Any other questions please fire them in.

Have a good one.

Bob K

October 21, 2012 | Registered CommenterSilver Prices

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