The Innocenti
Saturday, August 31, 2013 at 01:46AM
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By way of a change we have for you 'The Innocenti' bFrank Kirtley which is our book of the week;

Short description

if you crave the need for an honest thriller set in spain, read on. if you like mini car chases that are not impossible, simply seat-of-your-pants, read on. if you savour pages that are steeped in a love story, read on. on the other hand if you like your heroes to be able to fly stealth bombers and catch bullets between their teeth, then throw this away. because this is the innocenti. 

Extended description

have you ever thought about doing something unlawful but didn’t have the nerve? lying on a beach or sitting in a café thinking “i wonder what would happen if . . . ?”. most men would go back to sleep. and get on with their lives. but michael jensen wasn’t most men. trouble is, it is possible to light a fuse that can’t be extinguished. and then all hell breaks loose.
he was on a holiday in spain, either climbing in the sierra or sunbathing with diana on the beaches around malaga. but his curiosity was killing him. “what if?” all he needed was to satisfy his curiosity. curiosity? nosiness! an obsession according to diana. 

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For disclosure purposes I am related to the author.

Published: June 23, 2013 
Words: 67,500 (approximate)
Language: British English
ISBN: 9781301808625


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