Team: New Venture Update 20 December 2012
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 10:49PM
Silver Prices

Thank you for showing interest in our proposal for a new venture regarding stocks. We have been inundated with a positive response from our readership which is truly heartening for us. We will try to cover the main points below, but if we miss something do write and ask us your question.

1. The focus will be on stocks, gold, silver and energy.

2. The strategy would not be so much of a ‘buy and hold’ one, more of a ‘catch the wave’ in a particular stock and stay with it until we believe that it has reached its fair value before disposal.

3. The focus will be mainly, but not limited to, the gold, silver and energy sectors and cover the large caps, medium sized producers and some of the smaller enterprises with quality being a key consideration.

4. We will have ‘skin in the game’ and run a model portfolio starting with say $10,000.00, each trade would probably attract between 5%-10% of our funds, although we will not be imposing limitations on ourselves and we will trade where and when we see fit to do so. This service would sit alongside our options trading service where resources can be shared but would be ‘stock’ focused. This will be a no frills service with trading signals being sent via email as and when we buy or sell a stock. These signals will be confidential to our subscribers only.

5. There will be no options or futures trading involved.

6. All trades, the good, the bad and the ugly will be recorded so that our performance is visible to everyone.

7. There will be no gifts, trial periods or refunds.

8. Auto-trading will also be available.


Name; we need a name, if you can think of one please send it in, if we use it, then you will get your first year’s subscription for free.


The enthusiastic response that we have had from you, our loyal readership has been more than sufficient for us to give this venture the green light. We are now a small team of four, Bob, Sam, Joe and Karl and we will continue to share our resources in much the same way as we have done so far.


As regular readers will know we have steered clear of the precious metals stocks in general as we were of the opinion that the inherent risks involved in the business of mining was not worth our hard earned cash. For two years or so we avoided them, however, the risk/reward environment has improved to the point where we see a number of exciting opportunities on the horizon that we can take advantage of.


Your time and comments are very much appreciated.


Bob K

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