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SK OptionTrader Closes To New Subscribers Tomorrow

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Since its inception SK OptionTrader has returned a massive 727.54% for an annualized return of 71.76% per year, and tomorrow our service will no longer be available to new subscribers. In that time we believe we have provided a high level of service to each of our clients as well as impressive returns. In order to maintain such standards we have chosen to limit the total number of subscribers to our service. If we may say so, our performance this year has been phenomenal. On closed trades alone we can boast a year to date return of 55.58%, including four trades that more than doubled in value and one that tripled!

At the beginning of 2013 the recognised that the tide had turned in the precious metals market, and that the long term bull market of the last decade had come to a close. We saw that the lack of Fed action would result in lower gold prices, and thus beginning of the downward trend that we are currently experiencing.

If precious metals were going to fall, then we knew that the poorly performing mining sector would take a hit as well. Within that sector we identified a stock that we saw was particularly weak as well as being overpriced; this company was Hecla Mining. We believed this high cost silver producer was ripe for a fall, especially in a declining silver market, and thus bought puts on the stock on February 15th. It took only 24 days before a return of 212.5% was reached, and we consequently banked our gains.

Following our success with puts on Hecla Mining, we decided to take an overall short position on the mining sector. On March 18th we bought puts on GDXJ, an ETF that tracks the junior mining sector. This position steadily gained and we decided to add to it with a puts on the mid to large cap gold mining sector, so on April 11th we signalled to our subscribers to buy a put spread on GDX. Just four days later gold had experienced its biggest one day decline in COMEX history and the gains on these positions were enormous. Our GDXJ puts were showing a profit of 135.71%, and the put spread on GDX was up 175%! We banked these profits, closing our third trade to more than double for the year.

Our fourth trade to more than double in 2013 came in mid-June when we bought back a vertical call spread on GLD, an ETF that tracks gold. The nature of this position meant that as long as gold was below $1500 in September then we would more than double our investment. Thus, over the time we held the trade it steadily accumulated in value, and in June the trade neared its maximum available profit. We therefore looked to close the position so that we could re-allocate the capital to other trades. On June 17th we were able to exit the position for a 104.48% profit! These gains were just shy of the most we could have made, and by closing the position when we did we have been able to open other trades, which are privileged to subscribers only.

Subscribe for 6 months- $499

Subscribe for 12 months- $799


So, if you want to find out what trades we are making and how we intend to continue our winning streak, then sign up now! Tomorrow we will be closing our doors to new subscribers, at which point anyone wanting to know our trading signals will have to go on a waiting list. To join the service that has had 87.97% success rate all you have to do is subscribe via the buttons below. Get on board before you miss out! 

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