How to silence a Nobel Prize winning economist: Ask him about the economy.
Monday, October 17, 2011 at 08:52PM
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This is a press conference for two Nobel Prize Winning Professors of Economics who are asked questions about the American economy. Their answers will enable to sleep at night in the full knowledge that we are in such capable hands.

Please click this link.

A few comments follow:

anyone got the full video link?


This is not really funny it should show us just how screwed we really are. I think these economists know that the American economy is collapsing but they won't admit it but this video proves it


This just pissed me off, as much as everyone is laughing in this place it truely isnt a joke. They should have all just left the building and de-validated these clowns. Thats exactly what they are clowns with letters after their names. We are screwed!!! They will advert doing the right thing and drive us into the ground and yea Peter is right but thats pointless for us, We just see the punch comming now and brace for it. No disrespect Peter America needs you and more like you!!!


I cannot believe I just heard a so-called "Nobel Prize" winner not have a ready reply.


What's worse than this is that there doesn't appear to e any criticism outside of the Peter Schiff show about this press conference. What was the purpose of the press conference supposed to be?


Does anyone still wonder why the world economy is in such distress?!!


LOL! Well what do you know my Dad was right. Economists know nothing. So stop paying them large amounts of money to do nothing., yeesh!


Later in the show, someone calls in to peter's radio show and asked about the Fed, and Peter was joking around and said "you cant expect me to answer that off the top of head?" lol, of course peter did answer it off yhe top of his head


Does anyone know what video he is talking about? He said he cought it on youtube but it isn't in his favorites. a link would be helpful here.


99.9% of the population is probably better equipped with economics.


So there you have it, it does raise the question of would you send any of your children to these universities?

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