Endeavour Silver Corporation Leads the Charge
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 03:50AM
Silver Prices in Silver Mining Companies

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Just twelve days ago the stock of Endeavour Silver Corporation (EXK) could have been acquired for around $9.00, today it lead the charge with a gain of 9.84% to close at $11.39 on the New York Stock Exchange, putting a wide smile on investors faces. Endeavour Silver tops the chart along with Great Panther Silver Limited (AMEX: GPL) with Silver Standard Resources Incorporated (NASDAQ: SSRI) in third place with a terrific gain of 9.00%


Attention this week is focused on the upcoming meeting of the Federal Reserve were chairman Ben Bernanke and his team assemble at Jackson Hole to discuss the state of the economy and tinker where necessary. The markets across the globe will analyze every word looking for an insight, a clue, as to what might be the next step, especially with regard to that word 'stimulus' which will send the markets into oscillation mode, should it be mentioned.

Across the pond the situation is no better as the Europeans stumble from one debt crisis to another, like a drunken sailor on his first night in a foreign port.

Gold is breaking records on a daily basis and silver has now recovered from its series of margin calls which took it down in dramatic fashion. Silver prices are ticking up and today they closed at $43.74/oz in NYC. In the medium term we expect to see silver trade three or four times higher than it is now, so a programme of steady accumulation should serve well.

Back to Endeavour Silver Corporation, this is a mid-cap silver mining company focused on the growth of its silver production, reserves and resources in Mexico. Since start-up in 2004, Endeavour has posted six consecutive years of aggressive silver production and resource growth. The organic expansion programs now underway at Endeavour's two operating silver mines in Mexico combined with its strategic acquisition program should help Endeavour achieve its goal to become a premier, mid-tier silver mining company.

The companies market capitalization is $957.13 million with 93.1 million shares (fully diluted) outstanding. The 52 week trading range is $3.10 to $12.75.

Endeavour Silver Corporation is traded in Canada, USA and Europe on the following three stock exchanges:



(DB-Frankfurt: EJD)

So they have plenty of exposure to the investment market.

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