A Numismatic Tour of Mexico: Jalisco
Monday, May 23, 2016 at 11:06PM
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Atlanta-based correspondent Brandon Christopher Hall takes us on a journey through the United States’ southern neighbor, starting in Baja California, then traveling south and east through every state and the federal district of Mexico City. Along the way he takes a look at coins from each region.

Jalisco (Free and Sovereign State of Jalisco)

Capital city: Guadalajara
Largest city: Guadalajara
Nickname: (No official nickname)
Motto: Jalisco es México (Jalisco is Mexico)
Area: 30,343 square miles
Population: 7,844,830
Order of admission to the Federation: #9 (December 23, 1823)

Jalisco is a cultural powerhouse in Mexico, and is often considered by many to be the heart and soul of the nation—hence its motto: Jalisco es México (Jalisco is Mexico). This exciting stop on our numismatic tour is the state that bestowed upon the world the alcoholic beverage tequila. Mariachi, rodeos, and the Mexican Hat Dance, among many other traditions, were born in Jalisco as well. Jalisco is also one of Mexico’s most populous and well-developed states, known for its excellent educational opportunities and universities. Now, let’s dive into the iconic and legendary state of Jalisco.

Our numismatic journey continues with a 2006 silver coin of Jalisco, with a face value of 10 pesos. The reverse depicts the Cabanas Hospice, built in the early 1800s to provide care and shelter for orphans, the elderly, the handicapped, and chronic invalids. On the obverse, the Mexican national shield is proudly displayed. The coin measures 40 millimeters in diameter and has a smooth rim. It is part of a series of commemorative coins minted in .9999 fine silver. Only 6,000 examples were made of this beautiful and historically significant coin.

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