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The Big Short


QUESTION: Marty; I am curious what you thought of the Big Short especially since you are the one who got the timing right to the day. In markets, I do not have to tell you that being too early is more dangerous than being too late.

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Rate Hike Gold and Silver Get Clobbered


Gold prices took it on the chin today as the effects of the rate hike boosted the value of the US Dollar putting downward pressure of the price of gold.

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The Federal Reserve 0.25% Rate Hike: Gold and the Dollar

The anticipation is now over, the rate hike has arrived delivered by The Federal Reserve Chairperson, Janet Yellen.


The above chart shows that the US Dollar rocked around a tad and ultimately headed north as we said it would.

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The Gold Bugs Index; the HUI Loses 6.43% in One Trading Session



The chart above clearly shows the demise of the precious metals mining stocks. The Gold Bugs Index has been unable to make a new higher high as the underlying commodity, gold, fails to shine.

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Fed Watch: Europe Scrambles for Solutions

Tim Duy:

Europe Scrambles for Solutions, by Tim Duy: Monday morning is fast approaching, and European leaders are scrambling to come up with something credible to float ahead of the market opening. Recall that we ended last week with the S&P downgrade of Belgium, and policymakers would like to have something on the table in response.

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Dec082015 Stock Trader Update 09 December 2015

The Gold Bugs Index, the HUI, remains under pressure as it stands at 113.89, having tested the '100' level no less than 5 times in recent months. The summer doldrums continue with the precious metals sector struggling to catch a rally or make a meaningful move north, but are things about to change?

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The US Dollar Outplays Gold Year To Date 02 December 2015




The above chart compares the progress of the US Dollar with gold since the start of the year. As we can see the divergence is some 22% which has helped increase the value of our cash holdings in readiness for the resumption of the gold and silver bull market.


The bottom is being called

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A Black Friday for Gold Prices

Black Friday is a big and usually good trading day for the retail sector; however, for gold prices it was a punch on the nose. Gold suffered a loss of $14.30 to close at $1056.10/oz, its lowest level since early 2010.


It’s been almost 50 months since the gold traded at the dizzy heights of $1900/oz back in August 2011, to the delight of every gold bug on the planet. However, since then it has been a slow grind south with rally after rally proving to be just another head fake. Gold has now lost $845.00 or 44.47% of its value in dollar terms, since peaking back then.

Many have called

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NO to the EU London Nigel Farage speech


Nigel Farage is the only politician in the UK who is talking common sense. The EU is a disaster on every level and the Brits need to wake up

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New Special Report: Three Major Shifts That Signal Risks to Your Investments Are Headed Higher

A new special report from Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst at the Hard Assets Alliance, has just been published and is available for promotion to your audience.

This report titled, Three Major Shifts That Signal Risks to Your Investments Are Headed Higherdiscusses three economic and monetary trends that, in combination with recent events, create an environment ripe with investment risk...risk that many investors underestimate.

Here is Jeff's introduction that begins the report:

"Dear Investor,

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