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SK OptionsTrading Makes 43.20% in 14 Days by Shorting the Gold Miners

During the latter part of the gold bull market mining stocks failed to keep pace with the yellow metal and have underperformed ever since. Given the bear market that gold is now in, it was clear to us that the mining sector would take a beating. In line with this view we have been making profitable short trades throughout the year on the poor performing sector, and have closed two more this week.

On November 19th we issued a signal to our subscribers, recommending that they buy DUST, an ETF that is triple short the gold mining sector, at $34.45. Once gold broke through $1260, we doubled our position as we allocated another 5% of our portfolio to the trade at $41.60. This meant 20% of our portfolio was allocated to this 3x leveraged ETF.

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Richard Russell - Gold Smash & Danger For A Major Market

With continued chaos around the world and uncertainty in global markets, today KWN is publishing a powerful piece that was written by a 60-year market veteran.  The Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, discussed the continued smash in gold, as well as the short selling of gold by the bears.  Russell went on to mention the action stocks, the US dollar, danger for a major market, and he included 3 fantastic charts.

Richard Russell:  “The inflationists and gold-haters have been able to drive gold down to a new low

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Double, double toil and trouble. ‘Treasuries’ burn and ‘markets’ bubble


The Federal Reserve has created an economic problem worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy. On the one hand they have worked tirelessly to support the markets and prevent an economic depression while on the other hand, they have also created a problem for which is no clear solution. The bond buying program instituted by the Fed has been similar to casting economic spells over global markets, convincing them that all is well. However,

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Silver Prices On Track To Re-Test June Lows

The two charts below tell the story and it’s not a pretty one. Silver made a valiant attempt to rally at the end of June and managed to get as high $24.50/oz. This revival brought both relief and excitement to this tiny sector which had seen silver prices on a tear when it came close to the magical $50.00/oz mark. However, those heady days are rapidly becoming a distant memory.


Will silver have its day again,

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SILVER BEARS: You Have Been Warned

Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report - Friday, November 15th

What does a 1978 movie about "Silver Bears" have to do with the silver market today? A great deal as you will find out. Nothing today is as it seems anymore. The present financial and economic system is so weak, it only survives by the wholesale packaging of lies.

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Platinum: Today’s ‘Rich Man’s Gold’ Palladium: Tomorrow’s?

David Morgan very kindly sent us this article this morning which we hope you find both interesting and informative.

The Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) are a family comprised of 6 metals – platinum, palladium rhodium, iridium, osmium and ruthenium. But for our purpose today (and for most investors), we are only interested in the first two – platinum and palladium.

Platinum is usually more expensive than gold. But for well over a year, it actually traded for less – substantially less. One could purchase a troy ounce of platinum for $150 or so less than a troy ounce of gold. (As a side note, during the time of this unusual inverted pricing relationship, in expectation of the “norm” reestablishing itself, I placed a long platinum/short gold spread trade. Of course, this did indeed take place and I was able to make a good profit on the trade.)

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U.S. Mint Year-To-Date Silver-Coin Sales Hit Record At 40.2 Million Ounces



(Kitco News) - The U.S. Mint said Wednesday silver-coin sales year-to-date reached at record 40.175 million ounces, surpassing the previous record set in 2011.

With authorized purchasers ordering their full weekly allocation of 500,000 American Eagle one-ounce silver bullion coins, the previous record was broken

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Glum Resource Market Creates Value Plays: Adam Footer

Having lived through the pain, you might as well stick around for the gain.       

                                                                                                            -- Rick Rule

The last two years have been tough for the natural resource sector – though as of November 5, gold was up nearly $100 from its late June low of around $1,220 per ounce1. Today (Friday, November 8) gold saw a steep fall back down to around $1,285, which has been tied to a report of stronger job growth in the U.S.2.

Adam Footer, an Investment Executive at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., says

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David Morgan Interview - Silver Summit Oct 2013 - Spokane

David Morgan and Vanessa Collette
In our mail bag this morning is this interview with David Morgan at the Cambridge House Silver Summit by Vanessa Collette, bought to us by First Majectic Silver Corporation.

Silver expert David Morgan from the Morgan Report chats

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Neutral on Mining Shares? Sell Mexico, Buy Canada

President Enrique Pena Nieto's fiscal reform bill is striking fear in the hearts and minds of mining executives operating in Mexico. Attached to the 2014 budget, the bill could be signed by as early as mid-November. Within it, the Mexican government has proposed a 7.5% mining royalty as a percentage of EBITDA. Once considered one of the most mining-friendly destinations, this proposal has industry executives singing a different tune

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