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Who Benefits When Bubbles Burst?

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds

Who Benefits When Bubbles Burst?

Blowing speculative bubbles cannot possibly lead to organic growth because speculative bubbles fatally undermine the real economy.

An astute reader recently posed an insightful question: we all know who benefits from asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate--owners of assets, banks, the government (all those luscious capital gains and rising property taxes), pension funds, brokers and so on.

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U. S. Mint American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Purchases Soared to Record High in 2014

(Washington, D.C.  – January 15, 2015) – The continuing appeal of silver for investors led to record sales of U.S. American Eagle Silver Bullion coins last year, topping the previous milestone established just the previous year.

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First Majestic Produces a Record 4.2M Silver Eqv. 

First Majestic Silver Corp. ("First Majestic" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the Company's fourth quarter and full year 2014 production results, as well as guidance for 2015.

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David Morgan-Unbelievable Lack of Trust in the System

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with precious metals expert David Morgan.

Published on Jan 6, 2015

If the oil sector unraveled, as it is doing now, what would happen to gold and silver prices? David Morgan of thinks, “Gold, I am pretty sure, would maintain right where it’s at, and that would be the worst case scenario, or it would go up and go up rapidly. Gold and silver may go down temporarily like we saw in 2008,

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Have gold and silver really bottomed this time?

Precious metals bulls called a gold and silver price bottom throughout recent years of price declines. Will they be correct this time around?

At the recent Mines & Money conference and exhibition In London there was a perhaps surprisingly upbeat feel given the poor performance of metals prices over the preceding two to three years.

While this optimistic mood seemed to apply to precious and base metals producers alike, as is the norm nowadays it was the gold companies which were looking for the biggest upside.

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Paul Craig Roberts Stunning 2015 Predictions – At Any Time The West Can Collapse

Today King World News spoke with the man who former President Ronald Reagan called upon to help save the United States when the U.S. was in the midst of the 1980 panic. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts gives a portion of his fascinating predictions for 2015 below and also issued the ominous warning that the West could collapse at any time.

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Silver prices set to fall further

Silver is holding above the downtrend line but only just. We now expect silver to fall to around $12.00/oz in the near future.

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Christmas Greetings

Here's wishing you a really great Christmas and a successful New Year

Bob , Sam and Joe.


Opportunity In Beaten Down Junior Gold And Silver Miners During Tax Loss Selling Season?


  • Gold may be breaking 5 month downtrend versus US Dollar.
  • Black swan may be due to increasing tensions between the West and East.
  • History shows that these policies lead to economic crashes which the metals and oil may be forecasting.

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Why ECB QE Will Drive European Stocks To New Highs

The economy in the Eurozone is struggling at present and has been for some time now. Consistently low inflation has significantly increased the risks of deflation in the region. In response to this the European Central Bank (ECB) has taken unprecedented action by cutting interest rate to negative levels, and then dropping them again. On top of this the ECB has introduced quantitative easing (QE) to combat the economic risks of deflation and announced in their meeting last week that they are now preparing to increase these measures.

Notwithstanding the other effects that this action is likely to have, of which there are many, we believe that that this increase in QE in Europe will have a highly bullish effect on the European equities markets. The first reason for this is that the ECB’s QE has so far been, and is very likely to continue to be, targeted towards actually stimulating growth in the economy, in a similar way to QE3 in the US, rather than broad based actions that pumped money into the system to avoid a collapse as QE1 and QE2 did. This means the ECB’s new measures are likely to stimulate growth over the long term.

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