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James Turk Warns Massive Short Squeeze May Send Silver To $20 Within Days!

Silver bull

Today James Turk told King World News that a massive short squeeze in the silver market may occur within days!

An Epic Battle Is Looming
James Turk: 
Get ready for something spectacular,

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The World Now Faces A Devastating Endgame And How “They All Sold At The Absolute Bottom”

With continued uncertainty around the globe, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, spoke with King World News about a devastating endgame the world faces and how they all sold the absolute bottom.

“They All Sold At The Absolute Bottom”

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World's 2nd Largest Stockpile Of Gold Leaves The United States



About 20 years ago when I was still a cadet at West Point, my economics professor organized a class trip to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The part of the trip that I remember most was touring the Fed’s high security vault, 80 feet below street level beneath the bank’s main office building downtown.

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Billionaire Eric Sprott Says Central Banks Panicking As ‘The Whole World Is Buying Gold Here,’ Including Druckenmiller

Today billionaire Eric Sprott told King World News that central banks are panicking as the whole world is buying gold here, including Druckenmiller.

Eric King:  “King World News was the first news organization in the world to report that multi-billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller had bought back his gold position and today (two days later) Bloomberg news confirmed it.  What are your thoughts on Druckenmiller buying back his gold position?”

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Embry – Criminal Banks & Commercials Now Short A Mind-Blowing Nearly 1 Billion Ounces Of Silver At The Comex!


With the Dow hitting new all-time highs, one of the greats in the business told King World News that criminal banks and commercials are now short a mind-blowing nearly 1 billion ounces of silver at the Comex! 

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Gold Price Hits $1230, Silver Comex Bets Jump, as France's Le Pen + Ukraine 'Add to Trump Risk' on Iran

GOLD PRICES extended last week's 2.4% gains to reach new 3-month highs on Monday in London, briefly breaking above $1230 per ounce even as the US Dollar rose on the FX market amid news of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen calling for 'Frexit' from the European Union, writes Steffen Grosshauser at BullionVault.

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Brexit: MPs overwhelmingly back Article 50 bill

MPs have voted by a majority of 384 to allow Prime Minister Theresa May to get Brexit negotiations under way.

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Gold Mining Stocks Could Halve In 2017

Fed Hikes and Their Impact on Gold

When the first hike was delivered, along with the intention to deliver 3-4 more, gold prices were hovering above $1000. Gold now sits over $100 higher than it was at the time of the first hike, having rallied to $1375 when hikes were taken off the table. In our view one hike will see gold test $1000, two will see $1000 break, and three hikes would see $720 tested.

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Silver in 2017: The Year of the Wild Card

Brad Cooke and Robert Archer discussed silver opportunities in 2017 at VRIC.

This year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC) just wrapped up, and one of the most attended panels was the silver opportunities in 2017.

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Silver In Medicine – Past, Present and Future 

Silver in medicine – past, present and future 

Silver has been associated with human medicine and healthcare for over two millennia. The ‘father of
modern medicine,’ Hippocrates, wrote  of  using  silver  to  improve wound  care around  400  BC,  and
during the intervening years silver has featured in a wide range of writings, most of which highlight its
capabilities particularly with regards to limiting inflammation and infection. The interest in silver in
medicine was probably spurred by long‐held knowledge that silver kept many perishable items fresher
for longer periods of time – for example, silver coins were often dropped into barrels of water and
milk on long journeys to slow their degradation. While it was not understood at the time, under these
conditions silver ions are formed which interrupt many microbial processes associated with spoilage.
It is this relatively simple piece of science which ultimately drove the medical community’s interest in

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