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Petro-Yuan Is The Newest Weapon For The China-Russia-Iran Anti-USD Alliance

Authored by Jeff Brown via The Saker blog,

After 25 years of dreams, planning, rumors and testing, the Chinese petro-yuan is now official. Right now, almost all global oil trade is conducted in US dollars, using two benchmark varieties of crude, West Texas Intermediate and North Sea Brent, as the industry standards.

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James Turk – Dow Plunges 650+ Points As Silver Readies For Upside Explosion

On the heels of the Dow plunging 650+ points, today James Turk told King World News that the price of silver is finally ready for an upside explosion.

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A Glimpse Of Precious Metal Mining's Future: Hecla Buys Klondex For 59% Premium

We found this post on Seeking Alpha by John Rubino - worth a read.

Big gold and silver miners have a problem: They're evaporating. Each year they take more metal out of the ground than they discover, which brings them ever-closer to the end of the road. They know it and their shareholders know it, which means their stock prices tend to languish in the shadow of falling production and depressed future earnings.

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Public Enemy Number One is Not Russia – Its Apathy



On any given day a different country can be problematic but usually for a limited time only.

The solution to every problem is to throw money at it and then more money regardless of the existing debt pile and the mounting interest that needs to be found.

Debt stories never have a happy ending, political bungling carries a cost, manipulation of the financial system has pushed it to breaking point.

Investors and speculators alike are now looking to cash out and move their funds to a vehicle that has limited downside so that they can preserve their wealth and possibly make a profit.

The overriding question that we wrestle with is where will these funds go?

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Fed Chair Powell: No evidence of 'decisive' move up in wages

  • Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Thursday that there are no "decisive" signs of wage inflation yet and more gains can come before inflation kicks in.

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Gold/Silver Price Ratio: An Epic Opportunity in Silver 

In the 1980’s; the price of silver crashed to an unprecedented level, bottoming below $5 per ounce (USD). In real dollars, this represented a 600-year low, as shown in the historical chart below.

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Inflation Alert: The Velocity Of Money Has Finally Bottomed

Forget the Trump tax cuts, the Senate budget deal, the Fed's Quantitative Tightening and the collapse in foreign buying of US Treasuries: after years of dormancy, the biggest catalyst for a sharp inflationary spike has finally emerged,

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Ray Dalio Says Bond Bear Market Has Begun, Expects Historic Crash


Joining the likes of Bill Gross and Jeffrey Gundlach, and echoing his ominous DV01-crash warning to the NY Fed from October 2016, Bridgewater's billionaire founder and CEO Ray Dalio told Bloomberg  TV that the bond market has "slipped into a bear phase" 

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Barrick Gold Corp: A Million Dollar Options Play? 


The dream of making a million on an options trade has been one of my dreams for some years, so today, I’ll outline one such possibility.

It is interesting to note at this point that the producers haven’t really joined in the fun and are not reflective of the progress made by gold.

Therein lies our opportunity.

This sort of trade is a very big ask.


Every now and again it is nice to sit back and dream of just what the possibilities could be. If we don’t have dreams they can’t come true. The dream of making a million on an options trade has been one of my dreams for some years, so today, I’ll outline one such possibility.

The US Dollar

The following chart depicts the US Dollar as it struggles to maintain its purchasing power. A rapid fall now would ignite the precious metals sector.

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WORLD SILVER PRODUCTION: 3 Charts You Won’t See Anywhere Else


The rate at which global silver production increased over the past century is quite astonishing.  When Columbus arrived in America (1492), the world was only producing 7 million oz of silver a year.  Today, the world’s largest primary silver mine, Fresnillo’s Sauicto Mine, produced three times that amount in just one year (22 million oz, 2016).  Yes, we have come along way in 500 years.

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