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John Embry - Silver Is The Cheapest Asset In The World Today

John Embry

Today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years spoke with King World News about the Goldman Sachs tapes, and also said silver is the cheapest asset in the world today.  John Embry, who is business partners with billionaire Eric Sprott, also discussed the endless stream of propaganda from the U.S. government


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Silver Prices: Your opinion is cordially requested

The question is where to from here?

Silver prices are falling apart as the chart shows;

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Monetary Policy Weighs on Precious Metals


Gold has an inverse relationship with the US Dollar so when the dollar declines gold rises. The dollar is affected by monetary policy as decided by the various central bankers across the planet. We recently covered the effect of the European version of QE with an article entitled; ‘Why ECB QE Is Bearish For Gold Prices so today we will take a quick look at the ramifications for the precious metals sector emanating from the monetary policy meeting of the Federal Reserve held today.

A brief overview of the Feds actions

The two most important points to come out of today’s meeting were....

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Why ECB QE Is Bearish For Gold Prices

The recent action by the ECB appears to have caught many gold bulls off guard. A common interpretation of the impact that a potential quantitative easing program would have on gold prices was that it would be very bullish. This argument was based on the concept that money printing is bullish for gold, and that QE1 and QE2 by the Fed triggered major rallies in the yellow metal. Whilst we do not dispute that QE1 and QE2 by the Fed were indeed bullish for gold, we strongly disagreed that the ECB would introduce a program that would spark a major rally. In fact we went further, predicting that what the ECB was going to do was in fact highly bearish for gold, and in this article we will endeavour to explain why.

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Silver Weaves Its Way Into A New World Of Wearable Technology

Woven Into Biometric Athletic Shirts, Silver Fibers Help Measure Real Time Vital Statistics

(Washington, D.C. – September 10, 2014) – Silver is playing an important, if not critical role in the growing world of wearable technology.

At the new intersection where fashion and biometrics meet, silver provides the conduit in innovative athletic clothing that transmits sought-after biometric data, such as the wearer’s real time heartbeat, to a sensor that displays the data.

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Silver and 3D Printing: A New Source of Demand?

At the end of July, The Silver Institutereleased a report called The Outlook for New Electrical and Electronic Uses of Silver. Prepared by Metals Focus, it looks at three potential areas of growth for the white metal: flexible electronics, light-emitting diodes and interposers.

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Silver Industrial Demand Expected to Outpace Global GDP Growth Through 2016: Silver Institute Report

This is a good read from the Silver Institute:
• Silver Industrial Demand Expected to Outpace 
Global GDP Growth Through 2016
• The State of Silver and 3-D Printing
• Royal Canadian Mint Issues Second in Series of 
Four Birds of Prey Coins
• Heating Silver Nanoparticles to Kill Cancer Cells
• Silver Paste Only Needs UV Light to Cure 
• Home Hardware Features Antibacterial Silver
• Ask the Silver Institute: How is Silver Used as a 

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John Embry - Gold & Silver Takedown & Why Banks Will Collapse

John Embry

Today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years spoke with King World News about the gold and silver takedown this week, and why the banking system will collapse.  John Embry, who is business partners with billionaire Eric Sprott, also included a discussion about an article in the Globe and Mail this week.

Embry:  As you know, there has been a vicious takedown in gold this week. 

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Richard Russell - US Government Lies As All Hell Breaks Loose

At 90 years old and still going strong, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, warned about the continued lies emanating from the U.S. government as we enter a historic inflection point where “all hell will break loose.”  The 60-year market veteran also discussed Putin, China, Ukraine, gold, markets, and war.

Russell: In the Ukraine, ex-KGB operator Putin is playing his game of “who will blink first.” My inner voice tells me that there will be no war in the Ukraine.

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SKOT Makes 49.40% in 7 Days Trading SPY Call Options

On 18th August, stocks were well off their highs and headlines were riddled with concerns about Europe and the Ukraine. We bought March 2015 calls on the S&P 500 ETF SPY, with a strike price of $215 for $0.83.

Just 7 days later the stock market had soared to new highs and we sold the calls at $1.24, banking a profit of 49.40%!

Through careful timing and analysis of both the fundamental and technical factors at play, we were able identify what we believed was a prime trading opportunity where the risk reward dynamics were strongly in our favour.

In our update sent to the subscribers of SK OptionTrader that week we said;

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