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The DOW: Overbought?

We would not dream of putting a single penny into the DOW. How overbought does it have to be before profit taking turns to panic selling?

We have had a few communiqués lately asking if its time to switch to stocks. Not for us. There is an election and things need to look as rosy as possible for the next week or so because that’s what politicians like.

Just take a look at this chart: It reminds me of a line from Bob Dylan; “Why do you have to ask?” I think it was from Maggie’s Farm!


We are sticking to the precious metals arena for the time being.

30 October 2006

Pan American Silver Announcement of Q3 Results Release.


After close of business on 2nd November 2006 paas will announce its latest set of results. We expect these to be good so hold onto this stock. Our intention is to accumulate when possible.

26 October 2006



Silver Wheaton is one of our favourite silver stocks as you know and we are accumulating this stock as and when our funds allow.

Now if you missed Doug Casey on ROBtv last Wednesday go back and watch it on the web, just follow this link:

Doug Casey on ROBtv

Doug refers to the business model that is SLW as a work of genius. Sit up and listen! Doug is one of the most respected people in the investment community. Of course we agree with him and we have published our research findings on Silver Wheaton on this website a number of times in the past.

21 October 2006

SILVER: News Flash


Silver rockets and breaks through $12.00 per ounce. Despite a New York opening of around $11.60 silver has climbed all day to break $12.00.

Silver stocks are following this precious metal north showing gains of 5% to 6%. Fantastic!

19 October 2006

SILVER WHEATON: A quick review

Third quarter results to be announced 02 November 2006 and they should be good. We are holders of this pure silver play and intend to hold for some time to come.

As we have written here before Silver Wheaton is a new innovation in that it is a silver only company and does not own or operate any mines. For more detailed information about SLW please back track through our website as we have covered it a couple of times.

Today we want to take a quick look at the charts. As you can see SLW is holding above its own 200 DMA and putting in a strong recovery from the recent sell-off. The other technical indicators are starting to look a little overbought which could send the stock sideways for awhile but we don’t think that this anything too really lose sleep over. The current buying level is a great opportunity to make an entry or to accumulate more of this stock now. We doubt that once it rises above the $10.0 level we wont see that again in this bull market.


The silver chart itself is also showing considerable strength, which gives us much comfort when buying silver stocks. We are looking for $15.0 to be hit in the near term.


17 October 2006



The webs only free portfolio of silver stocks provides a quick update of our silver investments to date.

CDE $4.49 BUY
HL $5.36 BUY
PAAS $19.30 BUY
SLW $9.23 BUY
SSRI $21.25 BUY
EPL $0.55 BUY
CPY $0.86 HOLD

Optimism rules here at silver prices as we are still have the firm belief that silver has a long long way to go. So, we are not selling any of our stocks. If and when we have the cash we will be purchasers of the above-mentioned silver stocks, apart from CPY, which we will hold and observe for a while.

We are researching other silver producers and will post when we have something that we think is worth our investment cash. We are about 90% invested in silver, gold and uranium stocks. We do not hold any other stocks. We think the DOW is way too high and we will remain in cash or precious metals for the future. And the future has a few years to run yet.

We are not ruling out the possibility of precious metals once again running ahead of themselves and we will post when we think that time has arrived.

For now though we will hold, watch and enjoy as things start to warm up.


13 October 2006

SILVER: Don’t be forced out of this market

Here at silver prices we are not selling any of our silver stocks. Its tough going we know but please do not give your silver stocks to the bottom fishers.

Hold on and be patient the trend is still up despite the volatility.


06 October 2006

SILVER: Looking rather good!


Here at silver prices we have been observing silvers behaviour at a micro level and are really pleased with what we see. Patients are not our strong point as we have said before but we have managed to sit on our hands during this pull back.

From the chart we can see that the 200-Day Moving Average has not been significantly penetrated and silver has managed a very nice bounce to higher ground. We try not to be overly emotional about such a small move in our favour but GO, SILVER GO! There that feels a lot better.


The downside, although choppy is now limited and the upside potential could go ballistic, so we are holding on to the stocks that we own and are searching for new faces. We do not own many stocks and we are not in favour of the “buy a 100 stocks at a 10 cents philosophy” in the hope that some will strike it big time rich.

Precious metals are becoming harder to find despite the advances in technology. So those silver mining stocks with one foot on the reserves we believe will do very well.

Watch out for the negotiations taking place between Silver Wheaton and Gold Corp. We are of the opinion, despite some shareholders objections that the takeover of Glamis will go ahead. This opens the way for Silver Wheaton to negotiate itself into a very strong position indeed with the additional silver that Glamis will bring to the party. They have 180 days to thrash out a deal so don’t expect anything too soon. However, to add even more silver resources to your reserves at advantageous silver prices strikes us as a golden opportunity. Consider also that Silver Wheaton is not a labour intensive operation requiring skills that are in short supply, no; they manage with about a staff of about seven.

Good luck and stay calm.

28 September 2006


SILVER: Hard going, but don’t sell

Silver is taking a pounding at the moment and silver prices are being forced down. Here, at silver prices we are not selling, this is another buying opportunity.

Don't be panicked into selling you will only be providing other people with a wonderful buying opportunity to purchase your investment. At times like this learn to sit on your hands and relax. This is a time to go over those stocks that you could not afford before this pull back. Its a time to increase your exposure to the market when all the others are saying its over.

Nathan Rothschild once said that he was only ever happy buying a stock when he was absolutely sure that no one else wanted it.

This is a quote from the truthseeker website, to read it all just follow the link.

“with everyone believing Wellington to be defeated, Rothschild immediately began to sell all of his stock on the English Stock Market. Everyone else followed his lead, and also began selling, causing stocks to plummet to practically nothing. At the last minute, his agents secretly began buying up the stocks at rock-bottom prices. On June 21, at 11 PM, Wellington's envoy, Major Henry Percy showed up at the War Office with his report that Napoleon had been crushed in a bitter eight hour battle, losing a third of his men. This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy, and forced England to set up a new Bank of England, which Nathan Rothschild controlled.”

If the stocks that you hold were bought based on sound fundamentals then hold on to them, the fundamentals haven't changed only the market perception. This market perception is a powerful tool as we are all feeling it but it will be short lived and silver prices will once again begin to move upwards.

We don't care whether you buy the same stocks as we have bought or not, but make sure that you some silver producers in your portfolio as their day is going to come and soon.

The chart below is attached as a guide as to where we are at the moment and to us at silver prices this indicates a buying opportunity and not a sell signal.


15 September 2006

SILVER: Where Next?

Silver has hit $15, dropped back to$9, bounced to £13 and dropped back to $12. So, where is this roller coaster going to next?

From the chart below we can glean and number of things about this precious metal.

Firstly, silver is volatile and not for the faint hearted. Those investors who are hyper active and like to trade silver as often as possible must be making good profits or taking a caning at the moment. From where we stand this is normal for a bull market, the bears will fight it all the way up. Having invested in a small selection of stocks that are performing reasonably well, we must now be tough and hold on to what we have. We don’t see a dramatic sell sign here just the expected oscillations from silver as it try’s to wriggle free. This chart is almost in neutral territory for us, the RSI is middling, the stockastics are heading down and the MACD is almost flat. No, we just can’t get too excited about it and would see it going sideways rather than all the way down to the 200 day moving average.

However, we have been wrong before so if we get a serious dip, then we shall treat it as a wonderful buying opportunity occurring just before a major rally, which in our opinion will leave these prices in the dust.

As always don’t go too mad with your money, the market is always there.

10 September 2006