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SILVER PORTFOLIO UPDATE: Gains 5% in 7 days!

Since our update of the 23rd November 2006 our silver portfolio has gained another 5% in value.

On the 23 November the portfolio was up 23.37%, today, 30 November 2006, it is up 28.73%.

Keep your money in this market sector and stick with your investment; this bull hasn’t got going yet!

30 November 2006


The webs only free portfolio of silver stocks provides a quick update of our silver investments to date. We are very pleased with the progress made in a short time, however there is a little pruning to do.

Below is a list of what we have and a record of the progress that has been achieved to date.

HL $6.54 BUY
Bought for $5.27 has gained 24.10%

PAAS $23.48 BUY
Bought for $18.00 has gained 30.44%

SLW $11.02 BUY
Bought for $9.41 has gained 17.11%

CDE $5.16 BUY
Bought for $4.85 has gained 6.39%

SSRI $27.74 BUY
Bought for $19.98 has gained 38.84%

The average gain for the above silver stocks is 23.37%. We consider these stocks to be ‘quality’ and expect them to soar as and when silver makes its move.

We feel that EPL is making reasonable progress at $0.65 and we will continue to hold and watch. CPY (which we got for free) has come off its highs considerably, so with a small profit we are pulling out of this one, as there are better performers in this sector. The cash will be re-invested shortly.

EPL $0.65 HOLD
Bought for $0.53 has gained 22.6%.

CPY $0.73 SELL
Bought for $0.00 has now been sold for $0.73.

We are still very bullish here at silver-prices, as we believe that silver has a long way to go. So, we are not selling any of our silver stocks. If and when we have the cash we will be purchasers of the above-mentioned silver stocks, apart from CPY, which we have now sold.

Our research continues but it is difficult to better the above list. CDE is lagging somewhat but we expect it to close the gap on the front-runners. We are about 90% invested in silver, gold and uranium stocks. We do not hold any other stocks.

The DOW scares us at the moment and we are glad not to be there.

For now though we are content to hold and enjoy as steady progress is being made.

Try not to be too ‘micro’ in your observations. What is important is the big picture and being in this asset class. There will be volatility so expect it, be comfortable with it and be patient.

We have had a number of emails suggesting we buy numerous minnows. In our experience a small stock can rocket up and look wonderful at the time but very few investors have had an exit strategy in place and the discipline to go with it to actually lock in a profit. On our sister site for uranium stocks we sold 50% of Fronteer yesterday for a 94% profit. We still rate the company very highly but it was time to take some money off the table, in our view. If we are lucky enough to get a dip in Fronteer’s stock price we will become buyers again. This was an opportunity to trade and we took it.

These opportunities will also come to the silver stocks mentioned above, just when you have fallen madly in love with them we will tell you its time they went! We will all cry, then count the profits and wait patiently for the next entry level to present itself.

By the way, just for fun we entered the Gold Drivers Junior Stock Picking Contest under the name of and are we proud to tell you that we are in first place at the moment, you might like to take a look? Just follow the link to their site.

Relax, this will take a little time but you wont be disappointed.

23 November 2006


We had expected Coeur’s stock price to do better than it has done so far and to close the gap on its competitors.

We are taking (CDE: NYSE) off the buy list and putting on the hold list for now. The reason being that a gap has opened up between CDE and other silver producers.

We will watch and hope that this gap can be closed by CDE making better progress. Recent results showed that third quarter profits were five times higher than the same period a year ago. This should help, however we need CDE to demonstrate that it can keep up with other silver producers in this group.

Hold for now, do not make any further purchases until the momentum and stock price improves.

18 November 2006

Silver Standard Resources Inc: Hold, its top quality

This is a top quality Silver producer that will fly as silver continues its upward progress.


They have sixteen projects ranging from world class to speculative so this is the silver company to invest your hard earned cash in.

From the chart we can see that (SSO on the TSE) is trading well above its 200-Day Moving Average. This may not be the time to be buying but bear in mind that most of the quality silver stocks are trading at what looks like a premium at the moment.

Our strategy is to continue to hold on to this stock as a long-term investment as we are confident this is a real winner. If the stock price does retrace a few steps then we will add a few more to our portfolio.

13 November 2006

SILVER: You have done the hard part!


If you managed to sit on your hands during the recent shakeout and not give any of your silver stock away, then its three cheers from all of us at silver-prices.

Seriously though, very well done, it sometimes takes balls of steel to hold on to what you have earned when the whole world is clobbering you.

If you have not got into position yet, then as we have said before, do not leave it too long. Silver is hovering around the $13.0 mark and in our very humble opinion it won’t be there for very long. We are looking for $20.0 and fairly soon, followed by a run at ‘Bunker Hunt’ levels or if you are of the younger generation, $50.0.

Our portfolio is looking very healthy at this stage and we are happy to hold what we have and invest more funds as and when the cash becomes available. All of our funds are in precious metals, gold, silver and uranium. It will be a close run race to see which eventually provides the best returns. A number of emails have posed the question of which one is the best? Well in our opinion uranium will narrowly beat silver, which will narrowly beat gold. However don’t go mad on just one stock in one sector. Pick at least six stocks in each sector and spread your risk around a little. In our experience some of the so-called best tips have turned into complete flops of a pump and dump nature. So do some work yourself and get comfortable with your portfolio. Always sit down and write down why you are buying a particular stock it will help to focus your concentration. And if your conclusion differs from the heard go with it.

Hang on to silver you are about to reap great rewards for your patience.

10 November 2006

SILVER WHEATON CORP: 3rd Qtr Earnings Triple


“Not only did we more than triple our earnings and cash flows, compared with last year, but we also became the largest shareholder in Bear Creek; we obtained a right of first refusal on future silver production from the Peñasquito project in Mexico. All this, for a Company that is only two years old!”

A quote from Peter Barnes, President and Chief Executive Officer, which sums up what a fantastic start to commercial life this company has achieved.

The company reported Net earnings of US$22.5 million or US$0.10 per share compared to US$6.4 million or US$0.04 per share for 2005.

Here at silver prices we are expecting more good things from this company so hold on to your stock and accumulate as cash permits.

SILVER WHEATON trades as SLW on NYSE and is currently trading at $10.81.

03 November 2006

SILVER: $15.0 By Christmas

The team here at make this rather bold prediction because that is exactly what we believe silver will do.

We are almost fully invested with only a few bucks still looking for a home! Its sensible to have some cash on hand just in case one of your favourite stocks drops out of the sky for no apparent reason and you are able to average down. For us though, this is a particular moment in time when our research says buy. We have been buyers for some time now and feel really comfortable with what we have.

However we are not complacent and we will continue to monitor the whole economic picture with regard to its effect on silver prices. Yes the volatility is not over and we will still need a mega dose of patience and courage as we suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


If you were not pushed on to the sidelines well done, if you were, then get back in before this train leaves for higher ground.

02 November 2006

Eagle Plains Resources Limited: Update

Eagle Plains Resources Limited, EPL on the TSX has gained approximately 30% since we first recommended it towards the end of July. It was around the 50-cent mark then and yesterday it closed at 65 cents, which is a terrific upward move in a little over 12 weeks.

Hang on to this one for the reasons that we have explained in previous articles on this site. There is a lot more to come from a company with such an innovative approach to doing business. This is a people business and good management is everything so if you can afford to hold on and accumulate then definitely do so.

It is also a multi-metal company and has silver, gold and uranium interests.

Also interesting to note is that these gains in the stock price have come without any real increase in the volume of shares traded. This suggests to us that EPL is still relatively undiscovered. When we experience sudden increases in volume as we have seen with other stocks recently then we can only guess where this stock might go!

01 November 2006

The DOW: Overbought?

We would not dream of putting a single penny into the DOW. How overbought does it have to be before profit taking turns to panic selling?

We have had a few communiqués lately asking if its time to switch to stocks. Not for us. There is an election and things need to look as rosy as possible for the next week or so because that’s what politicians like.

Just take a look at this chart: It reminds me of a line from Bob Dylan; “Why do you have to ask?” I think it was from Maggie’s Farm!


We are sticking to the precious metals arena for the time being.

30 October 2006

Pan American Silver Announcement of Q3 Results Release.


After close of business on 2nd November 2006 paas will announce its latest set of results. We expect these to be good so hold onto this stock. Our intention is to accumulate when possible.

26 October 2006