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SILVER: Hard going, but don’t sell

Silver is taking a pounding at the moment and silver prices are being forced down. Here, at silver prices we are not selling, this is another buying opportunity.

Don't be panicked into selling you will only be providing other people with a wonderful buying opportunity to purchase your investment. At times like this learn to sit on your hands and relax. This is a time to go over those stocks that you could not afford before this pull back. Its a time to increase your exposure to the market when all the others are saying its over.

Nathan Rothschild once said that he was only ever happy buying a stock when he was absolutely sure that no one else wanted it.

This is a quote from the truthseeker website, to read it all just follow the link.

“with everyone believing Wellington to be defeated, Rothschild immediately began to sell all of his stock on the English Stock Market. Everyone else followed his lead, and also began selling, causing stocks to plummet to practically nothing. At the last minute, his agents secretly began buying up the stocks at rock-bottom prices. On June 21, at 11 PM, Wellington's envoy, Major Henry Percy showed up at the War Office with his report that Napoleon had been crushed in a bitter eight hour battle, losing a third of his men. This gave the Rothschild family complete control of the British economy, and forced England to set up a new Bank of England, which Nathan Rothschild controlled.”

If the stocks that you hold were bought based on sound fundamentals then hold on to them, the fundamentals haven't changed only the market perception. This market perception is a powerful tool as we are all feeling it but it will be short lived and silver prices will once again begin to move upwards.

We don't care whether you buy the same stocks as we have bought or not, but make sure that you some silver producers in your portfolio as their day is going to come and soon.

The chart below is attached as a guide as to where we are at the moment and to us at silver prices this indicates a buying opportunity and not a sell signal.


15 September 2006

SILVER: Where Next?

Silver has hit $15, dropped back to$9, bounced to £13 and dropped back to $12. So, where is this roller coaster going to next?

From the chart below we can glean and number of things about this precious metal.

Firstly, silver is volatile and not for the faint hearted. Those investors who are hyper active and like to trade silver as often as possible must be making good profits or taking a caning at the moment. From where we stand this is normal for a bull market, the bears will fight it all the way up. Having invested in a small selection of stocks that are performing reasonably well, we must now be tough and hold on to what we have. We don’t see a dramatic sell sign here just the expected oscillations from silver as it try’s to wriggle free. This chart is almost in neutral territory for us, the RSI is middling, the stockastics are heading down and the MACD is almost flat. No, we just can’t get too excited about it and would see it going sideways rather than all the way down to the 200 day moving average.

However, we have been wrong before so if we get a serious dip, then we shall treat it as a wonderful buying opportunity occurring just before a major rally, which in our opinion will leave these prices in the dust.

As always don’t go too mad with your money, the market is always there.

10 September 2006

Eagle Plains Resources Limited: Up 9.26% in 1 day

This multi-metal explorer has bucked the trend and performed really well while the rest of its asset class took a battering.

When it comes to asset management we had difficulty placing this stock as it had Inferred Resources of 38 million ounces silver, 1.2 billion pounds of lead, 1.3 billion pounds of zinc and 48 million pounds of molybdenum. You can also through in some Uranium just to spice it up a little. Anyway we finally decided to place it with our silver mining assets. As a generator of projects this stock will evolve over time and spin off various parts of its business as and when it is financially prudent to do so, just as it did with Copper Canyon Resources Limited.

We first wrote about Eagle Plains Resources Limited when it was 53 cents and we are still very excited by its future potential to be a high performing asset. During the last two months we have seen some consolidation at the 50-cent level with the volume remaining fairly consistent even though it is on the low side. However when acquiring such an asset as this it should be remembered that it has a Market Capitalisation of only $CND 28 million, so any major investment could move the price. Expect volatility and you wont be surprised when she comes knocking.

We are holding and accumulating more of this asset as and when we are able to do so.

Copper Canyon we will continue to hold and watch for the moment.

Eagle Plains Ltd can be found on the TSX as EPL

Copper Canyon can be found on the TSX as CPY

10 September 2006

SILVER-PRICES.NET: The Free Silver Portfolio

SILVER-PRICES.NET: The Free Silver Stocks Portfolio

HL, CDE, SLW, SSRI, PAAS, produce an average 22.71% gain in less then 2 months. Brought to you by the only free silver mining stocks portfolio on the web.

We are delighted to report such terrific progress to you gained in such a short period of time. Silver is preparing for a major upward move make no mistake about it. We are doubly pleased to have positioned ourselves early in this bull market. If you have not made an investment in silver stocks then please do it now. If you don’t like our selection and think that you can do better then go and put your cash into those silver stocks that appeal to you. It’s your money. But, please don’t hang about there may not be too many Dips left to buy!

Got it?

Good, we can now continue with our progress report.

Portfolio Update 01 September 2006

Our silver portfolio continues with its dream start. Despite some excellent gains we are not taking any short-term profits, not at this stage in the game.


Investment is sometimes like playing chess; you can take that pawn right now and experience a small sense of victory. On the other hand your objective is checkmate, which requires patience and coolness to go for the kill. There may be an opportunity to play silver as silver prices rise taking the silver stocks ever higher and will tell you if that time has come. However, we are in this to make a financial killing and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

We have only recommended five stocks during the month of July, and our position remains the same. All of our analysis, ideas, predictions, and thoughts, etc., are published freely on this website for your perusal and comment and the odd chuckle.

A brief update of our portfolio follows:

1. Hecla Mining (HL) we paid $5.27 on the 5th July 2006 and it now stands at $6.47, a rise of 22.77%, which represents a wonderful progress.

2. Coeur d Alene (CDE) we paid $4.85 on the 7th July and it now stands at $5.57, a rise of 14.85%, another terrific advance. Record 2nd quarter earnings have given us a boost.

3. Silver Wheaton (SLW) we paid $9.41 on the 8th July 2006 and this stock is currently trading at $11.26, a rise of 19.66%.

4. Silver Standard resources Limited (SSRI) we acquired this stock for $19.98 on the 15th July 2006 and it now stands at $25.67, a rise of 28.48%, the current leader of our investment pack.

5. Pan American Silver Corp (PAAS) we bought at $18.00 and it now stands at $23.01 a rise of 27.83%, lying in 2nd place, another sparkling performance.

Assuming that we placed an equal amount of money into each of these mining stocks then the average gain is 22.71%, in less then 2 months!

Yep, we are happy!

A great start continues with the performance of our selection of five silver mining stocks. Our philosophy also remains the same: to be bold and invest in those unhedged silver miners that will react to silver prices generating growth and profits quickly.

Thanks again to all the people who use MSN, your readership has pushed our website into the number one spot when searching silver prices, we really do appreciate your support.

This week’s email has thrown up a number of recommendations for some rather small silver explorers, which we did take a quick look at. If any small silver explorer discovers silver then it is bonanza time, if not they disappear from sight. As a strategy we don’t like the idea of holding 100s of stocks in the hope that 1 of them might be the next big thing. We prefer steady growth and are looking for our investments to double and more, which we think is exciting enough.

We welcome you to observe our moves in the months ahead and please feel free to make comparisons between us and other analysts. Our knowledge is shared with you for free so please enjoy and have a chuckle from time to time.

Always, always, discuss your investments with your regulated financial advisor before putting your hard earned money on the table.

Also try writing down just why you are buying a particular stock and just what you expect it to do. Then monitor it closely; a picture will evolve that contains the truth, so listen to it.

01 September 2006

MSN READERSHIP NO 1: Thanks for your support is currently ranked No1 out of 13,121,500 when searching for “silver prices” on MSN.

Due to your support is now ranked number One, above many other illustrious silver orientated websites.

Please accept our biggest thanks from the team at for your support and our very best wishes for the raging bull market in silver that has just begun.

01 September 2006

SILVER: Are you ready?


Make no mistake about it, now is the time to be getting into position by investing in your favourite silver stocks in order to catch this move by silver prices to higher ground.

The volatility will continue, however the trend is upward for this precious and industrial metal. We don’t care whether you invest in the silver stocks that we have invested in or not! The choice is entirely yours, but do make a choice. Remember that doing nothing is also a decision. The money in your pocket today is falling in value as you hold it, just like the salt flowing through an egg timer.

The chart below shows the fight back by silver from its recent sell off. The bounce off the 200-day moving average is just wonderful to us, but this is just the sort of move we like to see when investing our money into any market sector.


Our silver portfolio is up on average 14% in a short time with the old slugger Pan American leading the charge with a 19.5% gain. We think this is reasonably good progress, however if you have something better tell us about it and we’ll mention it on this site for the benefit of our readership. We might even invest in it if we believe that you have got it right! Now there’s a challenge.

25 August 2006

Silver Standard Resources Inc: Increases Silver Resource


You lucky people, SSRI is now up 16.62% since we recommended it on 14 July 2006, a considerable increase in only 4 weeks.

Silver Standard Resources Inc. has just reported that its wholly owned Pitarrilla silver project has increased resources in a fairly dramatic fashion. The increased resources are comprised of measured and indicated silver resources totalling 234.3 million ounces, an increase of 249%, and inferred silver resources of 192.1 million ounces, an increase of 47.5%. This is a mining property that they have in the state of Durango, Mexico.

While surfing the web we noticed that UBS has set a target price for Silver Standard at $24! Where do they find the courage? This stock will double from our recommended price of $19.98 and in our humble opinion it will do it very soon.

We also noticed that other well-known market commentators such as Lawrence Roulston, and Peter Grandich are saying Buy Now; don’t wait, although with some qualifications. Just what we have been saying and more importantly DOING over the last few months.

Silver Standard Resources Inc. trades on Toronto as SSO and on the NASDAQ as SSRI and is presently trading at $23.30.

Don’t go too mad on it.

16 August 2006

Silver Wheaton Corporation

If Silver Wheaton Corporation reaches its sales target of 20,000,000 ounces by 2009 and silver prices hit $20, what will the shares be worth?

This company is planning to sell 15 million ounces of silver this year at the prevailing spot price having bought it for $3.90 an ounce. If we use the current silver price of $12.0 then they are earning $8.0 per ounce multiplied by 15 million, which equals $120,000,000. The current Market capitalisation is around $2 billion, which equates to around 20 times current earnings.

Now this is ambitious but not outside the realms of possibility. Suppose Silver Wheaton achieves its target sales of 20.0 million ounces by 2009 and the silver price hits $20.0? Wow! Impossible some will shout! Not to us though, we think it is more than just possible.

Earning will be $16.0 per ounce multiplied by 20 million ounces, which equals $320 million. If the earnings multiple remains at about 20 then the Market Capitalisation would be around $6.4 billion. Divide this Market capitalisation by the number of outstanding shares, say 220 million then we have a share price of $32.0.

Now consider Silver Wheaton’s vast overheads, in 2005 they had a massive staff of 4 people and I understand that has increased to about 6 people. Overheads, what overheads?

Now consider their tax liability. They are registered in the Cayman Islands, so no tax revenue for Uncle Sam.

This is still a buy for us, SLW on the NYSE, currently trading at $9.71.
See previous report and update on SLW, just click on the link.

14 August 2006

Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp: Price drop


The threat of terrorist action today caused silver prices and gold prices to drop taking Coeur down 4% to $5.21, do you sell or buy?

We think that this is a market aberration and when this terror threat is better understood and the reality of it sinks in, precious metals will move up in a big way.

So, based on that premise we bought CDE for $5.21 with the intention being, to make a short term gain. The downside is that if we are wrong and are left with a few more Coeur shares than we had yesterday. This is not a problem for us as we intend to keep adding this stock to our portfolio as and when we can.

However, the gambler in us does want to win!

10 August 2006

Chinese Silver usage in decline? Think again

In a recent article in ‘The China Daily’ it was reported that China is using 3 times more silver than it was 20 years ago.


Chinese Silver Coin.

The China Daily was commenting on a report by the Gemmological Association of China, who said China had increased usage from 900 tons in 1985 to 2600 tons in 2005.

The report goes on to say that regardless of the roller coater ride in silver prices the demands for silver continues to grow at a steady pace.

So, when the talking heads pop up on TV and tell you that it is all about to slow down in China, beware! Do some research of your own if you have the time. After all it’s your hard earned cash that you, yes you, are investing.

Relax into this bull market, keep your cool, look at the big picture, implement your investment plan and stick with it.


Chinese Silver Dragon

08 August 2006