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Silver compared to silver stocks


This is an interesting chart, which clearly demonstrates that good quality silver stocks can outperform silver by a long way.

As we can see for the graph the quality silver stocks have performed very well indeed when compared to silvers progress to date. However a long political shadow hangs over CDE so we have decided to re-deploy our hard earned cash elsewhere.

Our portfolio is small at the moment but is about to grow as we have been researching a number of very interesting possibilities.

We believe that it is not the number of stocks that you have in your portfolio but the quality that counts and that quality will pay handsome dividends in the longer term. Come to think of it, it’s not doing too badly in the short term.

Go gently.

12 February 07


SILVER: Preparing for another attempt at new highs?

Having been hammered back from $14.00 silver once again brushes off the dust and climbs back into the ring.


From the chart we can see that despite the sell off silver did not break through its own 200 DMA but managed to hold and then bounce to higher ground. This is great to see but we must expect more volatility as more and more speculators decide to try their hand in this sector of the market.

In our humble opinion we believe that the longer silver goes sideways the greater the breakout when it finally arrives. That could be a downside breakout I hear say, yes indeed it could be. However we think that this Bull Market has a long way to go yet so hang on to your stocks and be patient, the best is yet to come!

25 January 07

silver, stocks, Bull Market

CDE: Disappoints

This is a real shame that such a well-managed stock is suffering at the moment.


From the chart we can see that a recovery has begun and that the technical indicators are heading north however as an investment we are not impressed. Stock performance is all about comparative analysis and when compared to other silver stocks in this sector CDE pales badly.

PAAS and SSRI have out performed CDE by a long way so we have to ask the question of why do we still have our hard earned money in this stock? Well we had hoped that the Bolivian political situation would only affect the stock for a short time but on reflection that does not appear to be the case. Our conclusion is not fight this stock but realise that this situation may persist for a long time to come, in which case we have got to move on.

There is nothing more distressing than being in a Bull Market but on the wrong stock. We will reduce our holdings from here and place CDE on the Watch List just in case the environment becomes friendlier towards CDE.

25 January 07


COEUR D ALENE MINES: The shadow of Bolivian politics

It’s a pity that the geopolitical situation in Bolivia is casting a huge shadow over CDE, which in our opinion is one of the best silver mining companies around today.

From the chart we can see that CDE has taken a battering and looks to be in a in a beaten state. Has this silver stock now found a support level, which incorporates the political situation, or could it drop further? The question now is where do we go from here? Do we sell and take a small loss, do we buy more and average down or do we continue to observe?


An anti capitalist government wishing to use its weight does not fill us with confidence. Can the management at CDE negotiate their way through this minefield and strike a win-win deal with present government? Its all a little hazy and does not get any clearer with contradictory statements coming out of La Paz on a seemingly daily basis.

For now we will remain patient and observe the movements of the market. Market perception is a powerful tool and should not be ignored. If a recovery begins to show itself then we may well put more money in to this stock to reduce our average price.

Be patient for now.

Coeur de Alene Mines trades as CDE on the NYSE.

11 January 2007


SILVER: Takes a fall so BUY

As we can see from the chart this precious metal along with the usual suspects took a battering in the recent wash out.


Now is not the time to panic or sell.

If you have the funds then accumulate your favourite silver stocks as quickly as possible.

We can only describe this situation as the last watering hole before the desert. The fundamentals have not changed, demand is still high along with inflation and the world is not a safer place.

This low price start to 2007 is the opportunity of a lifetime for those have been on the sidelines waiting for a suitable moment to get involved. You may not like our portfolio and that does not matter one jot. But please buy your preferred stocks or the recommendations from your favourite financial letter writer and do it soon.

Happy New Year.

06 January 2007

silver, stocks, portfolio

SILVER: Breezes through $14.00

We are now ahead of schedule with our prediction that silver will break through $15.00 by the end of the year. So expect some volatility in the near term but don’t be put off and hang on to your silver investments.


There will be knockers all the way up.

People who think that silver is going nowhere, people who did not get in, people who want a major correction so that they can make an investment. These price levels will soon be history so if you are not in buy a few silver stocks now and forget about them for a year or so, you wont regret it.


04 December 2006

SILVER PORTFOLIO UPDATE: Gains 5% in 7 days!

Since our update of the 23rd November 2006 our silver portfolio has gained another 5% in value.

On the 23 November the portfolio was up 23.37%, today, 30 November 2006, it is up 28.73%.

Keep your money in this market sector and stick with your investment; this bull hasn’t got going yet!

30 November 2006


The webs only free portfolio of silver stocks provides a quick update of our silver investments to date. We are very pleased with the progress made in a short time, however there is a little pruning to do.

Below is a list of what we have and a record of the progress that has been achieved to date.

HL $6.54 BUY
Bought for $5.27 has gained 24.10%

PAAS $23.48 BUY
Bought for $18.00 has gained 30.44%

SLW $11.02 BUY
Bought for $9.41 has gained 17.11%

CDE $5.16 BUY
Bought for $4.85 has gained 6.39%

SSRI $27.74 BUY
Bought for $19.98 has gained 38.84%

The average gain for the above silver stocks is 23.37%. We consider these stocks to be ‘quality’ and expect them to soar as and when silver makes its move.

We feel that EPL is making reasonable progress at $0.65 and we will continue to hold and watch. CPY (which we got for free) has come off its highs considerably, so with a small profit we are pulling out of this one, as there are better performers in this sector. The cash will be re-invested shortly.

EPL $0.65 HOLD
Bought for $0.53 has gained 22.6%.

CPY $0.73 SELL
Bought for $0.00 has now been sold for $0.73.

We are still very bullish here at silver-prices, as we believe that silver has a long way to go. So, we are not selling any of our silver stocks. If and when we have the cash we will be purchasers of the above-mentioned silver stocks, apart from CPY, which we have now sold.

Our research continues but it is difficult to better the above list. CDE is lagging somewhat but we expect it to close the gap on the front-runners. We are about 90% invested in silver, gold and uranium stocks. We do not hold any other stocks.

The DOW scares us at the moment and we are glad not to be there.

For now though we are content to hold and enjoy as steady progress is being made.

Try not to be too ‘micro’ in your observations. What is important is the big picture and being in this asset class. There will be volatility so expect it, be comfortable with it and be patient.

We have had a number of emails suggesting we buy numerous minnows. In our experience a small stock can rocket up and look wonderful at the time but very few investors have had an exit strategy in place and the discipline to go with it to actually lock in a profit. On our sister site for uranium stocks we sold 50% of Fronteer yesterday for a 94% profit. We still rate the company very highly but it was time to take some money off the table, in our view. If we are lucky enough to get a dip in Fronteer’s stock price we will become buyers again. This was an opportunity to trade and we took it.

These opportunities will also come to the silver stocks mentioned above, just when you have fallen madly in love with them we will tell you its time they went! We will all cry, then count the profits and wait patiently for the next entry level to present itself.

By the way, just for fun we entered the Gold Drivers Junior Stock Picking Contest under the name of and are we proud to tell you that we are in first place at the moment, you might like to take a look? Just follow the link to their site.

Relax, this will take a little time but you wont be disappointed.

23 November 2006


We had expected Coeur’s stock price to do better than it has done so far and to close the gap on its competitors.

We are taking (CDE: NYSE) off the buy list and putting on the hold list for now. The reason being that a gap has opened up between CDE and other silver producers.

We will watch and hope that this gap can be closed by CDE making better progress. Recent results showed that third quarter profits were five times higher than the same period a year ago. This should help, however we need CDE to demonstrate that it can keep up with other silver producers in this group.

Hold for now, do not make any further purchases until the momentum and stock price improves.

18 November 2006

Silver Standard Resources Inc: Hold, its top quality

This is a top quality Silver producer that will fly as silver continues its upward progress.


They have sixteen projects ranging from world class to speculative so this is the silver company to invest your hard earned cash in.

From the chart we can see that (SSO on the TSE) is trading well above its 200-Day Moving Average. This may not be the time to be buying but bear in mind that most of the quality silver stocks are trading at what looks like a premium at the moment.

Our strategy is to continue to hold on to this stock as a long-term investment as we are confident this is a real winner. If the stock price does retrace a few steps then we will add a few more to our portfolio.

13 November 2006