Silver Standard Resources Incorporated in the Buy Zone
Friday, January 22, 2010 at 05:53PM
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SSRI Chart 23 Jan 2010.JPG

Life in the precious metals arena is aptly demonstrated by the above chart where we can see the dramatic oscillations of Silver Standard Resources Incorporated (SSRI) from overbought to oversold almost on a monthly basis.

The recent drop in the price of gold and silver has hit the associated stocks pretty hard with most taking a haircut in the order of 10% to 20%. These are of course buying opportunities for those who wish to add to their portfolio and those who are looking at the more riskier options trades. Another look at the chart tells us that this stock has made around five highs and five lows over a six month period. Nimble traders who can move fast could have played these waves to their advantage and profit. We, on the other hand tend to invest for the longer run and therefore look at the bigger picture which is time consuming to say the least. However we do occasionally indulge in short term trading via our trading account which currently accounts for around 15% of our cash. Another candidate in the frame for a short term move is Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited so it may eventuate that we trade both or we may settle on just one should the case for the trade be outstanding.

Silver Standard is dependent on silver which is dependent on gold which is an inverse play to the dollar. The dollar appears to benefit when the general market falls, which it has over the last few days attributable to President Obama's comments regarding the banking sector. So we have a political element to throw into the mix for consideration.

This weeks hammering may be over but we have decided not to move until we see some signs of stabilization before we pounce. So if you can find the time have a look at the charts of your favourite silver producers and if the price fits your criteria then add a few more to your stash.

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