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Silver—Gold’s Poodle?

For those of you who prefer your data via the video rather than pages and pages of the written word we have this interesting piece from David Morgan with not one, but two videos for silver and gold respectively:

Last week I updated our readers about a video shot at the Orlando Money Show. This week I have two videos where we discuss the ups and downs of the silver market and how silver differs from gold as an investment.

Gold gets most of the press and silver always seems to be in second place, and it will probably stay that way until we get to the blow-off phase of this precious metals bull market. During the panic buying phase or mania that accompany the blow-off phase, gold will be outside the price range of many people. Anyone seeking any protection from the destruction of the U.S. dollar will buy whatever they can, and that is silver.

Silver is far more volatile than gold but, in my studied view, has far more potential than gold. As I see it, both metals should be owned, although silver can give you one heck of a ride, as most silver investors are well aware.

We also discuss new applications for silver in laptop computers and in the health industry.

Click here for the Silver Video

Later we discuss the gold market and how gold is holding up better than other asset classes and actually was making new highs in some currencies, although it did fall back, in U.S. dollar terms. This was just a few months ago, when a huge demand for U.S. dollars surfaced as a result of the credit crisis.

As the host points out, eventually the chickens will come home to roost, and with all the money flooding the system it is only a question of time before this “new” money hits the system and manifests into more inflation.

My view is a bit reserved and those who follow my work carefully know I am actually looking beyond the inflation/deflation question to the question of a currency destruction.

However, that is getting a bit ahead of the story. For the time being, you can watch this video and learn why it might take a bit longer to see all this bailout money boost the gold price to the next level.

Click here for the Gold Video

I want to be cautious here, because both of these metals can take off to the upside at any point, and making a short-term call is difficult at best. Longer term, most of the gold community are not in agreement with the policies set forth by the major nation states of the world and see the metals are going far higher.

It is an honor to be.


David Morgan

Mr. Morgan has followed the silver market daily for more than thirty years. Much of his Web site,, is devoted to education about the precious metals. To receive full access to The Morgan Report click the hyperlink.

Have a good one.

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Reader Comments (2)

David Morgan, I have no doubt, is a good man, in the "honorable" sense of the word. But my big problem with him is that he thinks he's being "honorable" by avoiding the elephant in the living room of the massive manipulation of silver on the COMEX.

His light treatment of SLV as simply a nice alternative for those with big money who have a "problem" with storing it obviously again completely ignores the VERY good evidence that it is being used to backdoor the silver to the bullion/investment bank members of the gold/silver suppression group (the anti-gold cartel of banksters) to sell/short on the COMEX to continue to suppress the price of real silver on the COMEX.

It is made all that more evident when one looks at the custodians of the gold and silver funds...including JPMorgain4Elites, who singlehandedly controls silver by its unbelievably huge short position on the COMEX...allowed by those seenoevil, hearnoevil, speaknoevil, don'tknownothin'boutnomanipulation monkeys of the CFTC.

CEF and GTU...fine...they have and audit their gold and silver. And as you can see they sell at premiums to the metal. Why don't SLV and GLD?? B/c they only TRACK gold and silver...good luck EVER getting any gold and silver from them, if that's why one would "park" money there. On top of the that, just understand that I'll give you 10:1 odds that any monies you put there simply adds ammo to the anti-gold/silver cartel to suppress their prices. As a matter of fact, my gut tells me they may well be being "allowed" by the CFTC to claim the silver in the ETF as their backstop for their largest in the history of the world short position on silver on the COMEX. is against the law, and certainly against the intent of the law disallowing manipulative positions in the commmodities markets. O/W why is there a CFTC???

So bottom line for me is that I really don't care what those analysts say who disregard the absolutely controlling force of these banksters and their collusive suppression of silver on the paper derivative markets. Their analysis and therefore their recommendations will always be flawed.

March 27, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjt

SLV and GLD we have written about - especially GLD on our gold site, just does not fill us with confidence, so we wont be placing any of our hard earned cash in that type of vehicle.

March 28, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSilver Prices

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