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Happy Christmas and a Precious Metals New Year


Its been a tough old year for metals and mining bugs with the start of 2008 shaping up so well only to run aground in the straits of de-leveraging. Hopefully the flight to cash is now behind us and the real rate of return on cash deposits is negative so sooner or later investors will get their heads up and look for a better bang for their buck. They will also recognise that their political masters are diluting all currencies, as financial stimuli is the order of the day. Holding currencies adds up to a slow death if investors stick with paper long enough. As we go forward savvy investors will be looking to escape the clutches of government and the organised theft of their wealth. The precious metals sector offers a lifeline in that they cannot be printed by anyone and therefore offers a relatively safe harbour in which to drop anchor.
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Reader Comments (9)

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas back.

Thanks for the excellent articles throughout the year from all your newsletters. Wishing us all a better metals year ahead!

December 21, 2008 | Unregistered Commentergp

merry christmas/happy holidays to everyone including you degraaf...... well today mon 12/22 we are seeing a nice rally in our gold and silver stocks even denison mines is doing well in our/my portfolio....yea! typical christmas rally happens almost every time this year.... the trend is your friend.....advice from multi billionaires like buffett when he thinks the market is low and its time to buy is your friend also ......i think next year with obama in office we will see solar,biofuels and wind stocks really take off....mine are a little down today as semiconductors are taking a hit so far..etf ultrashort ssg - shorting semiconductors is up today meaning putting downward pressure on semiconductors/solar stocks...cant last forever...wait till next year obama in office ...they will fly! in regards to if buying cde is right now,,,cde is part of the hui gold bugs index and it has been moving up since its bottom of oct 27 - 9 days after buffett said the market has hit a bottom and will now steadily head upwards...believe what you want just before you make an opinion look at the facts... so yes i would say if you havent bought cde i would say do so now just like now if you havent already...

December 22, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterwil

the above comment about buying cde was mainly in response to obiwan who commented on dec 15 2008 under the article paas-building a bullish base...and to anyone else wondering if it is a good time to buy it ... and yes gold prices /silver prices etc i did buy it soon after buffett anounced the market bottom......

December 22, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterwil

today started off good now a little profit taking by the big boys with millions of shares--- they took profits and got out -- even though i think by the end of the day our golds and silvers will be up .... never said it wouldnt be volatile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 22, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterwil

see guys look at the gold and silvers take off ! hahahaha YESSSSSSSS IF YOU HAVENT BOUGHT BUY NOW ! have i been wrong yet? and they dont even let me post like degraaf does hahahh a whole article lol oh well shows who is favored on these boards......listen unlike degraaf who said in the past he isnt into gold and silver heavily... i was and still am ! WHY? because unlike him i believe that is still an inflationary environment ! look at the price of milk ,food ,clothes ,,ALL EXPENSIVE ! commoditees are TEMPORARILY cheap right now - gas, lumber,your industrial metals...THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARILY! the economy has been HALTED due to the banks not being regulated,,,, started by the usa ...deriviatives not being looked after in banks..triple a funds that had bad loans contained in them...these usa funds were held in foreign funds and now the world suffers...this is only temporary...the economy will correct -- demand will become great again...and then the industrial metals..INCLUDING URANIUM ...will take off because then once out of the recession countries economies will be growing will start flowing into countries again because the economies will be moving again....more nuclear power plants will be built even though the HUGE cost of building them...more so in china and india than here..with obama here expect less nuclear then in countries like russia china and india..obama = solar,biofuels and wind etc alternative energy vs nuclear..thats ok though demand for uranium will still be great in china india and russia .....wil

December 26, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterwil

wil, But we do let you post!

January 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSilver Prices

HAHAHAHA yes you do let me post.... but degraaf was a FEATURED WRITER on your website-- ARTICLE ENTITLED: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN : STRONG DOLLAR dec 13 2008... i think it was kind of funny for you guys to have someone be a FEATURED WRITER that HAS A totally OPPOSITE POINT OF VIEW THAT SUPPORTS THE HIGH AND FUTURE HIGHER PRICE OF GOLD ! i thought thats what this website was preaching for years now ! so whats up? you have a person with the exact OPPOSITE view of the high price of gold and the misuse of money as the main contributor to fix the economy -thats leads and will lead to moneys have someone like degraaf be a featured writer on this website just so the readers can hear a different point of view?? ha now thats funny especially since you guys have been saying the exact opposite things that degraaf has been saying! thats hilarious! lol! so what good advice has he given to help us make money? the oh so clever degraaf? none just theory! i and you have mentioned gold stocks to buy silver and uran ...hell i even mentioned that when buffett says the market has reached close to its low point-within 2 weeks- of it going back up - that its time to buy ! degraaf debated against buffett hahah what a joke cause BUFFETT WAS RIGHT ON THE TIMING ! and im not afraid to offer advice --like i stated earlier and is now coming to pass-- solar companies stocks ,infrastructure company stocks for the expanding updated power grid to handle alternative power[steel stocks and so forth] biofuel companies stocks will and are taking off hah so degraaf is full of theory with no real advice ...thats my point...and not even an offer to be a featured writer hahah thats ok ive already PROVEN MY POINT LOOK AT THE STOCKS NOW AND IF YES IF YOU HAD BOUGHT WHEN BUFFETT SAID IT WAS TIME TO BUY ...WIL

January 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterWIL

Wil, if you wish to post an article on this site then just send it in - we try to bring different viewpoints to the party in order to offer some semblance of balance. We dont expect everyone to agree with us or anyone else for that matter and we dont see any harm in having different views expressed here.

So, please give it a shot!

January 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSilver Prices

Wil, don't get me wrong. I'm actually very bullish for gold and silver due to the fact that the FED policies will eventually lead to double digit inflation.

Having said that, I do believe that despite efforts of the US government and the FED, the asset deflation is not stopped yet, and considering the FED's lending rate at .25 percent and other measures, its obvious that the economy is contracting, which is deflationary.
I also see lower prices for consumer goods, as shops try to increase sales over the competition. In fact, most of the issues I raised in recent reporting, is actually starting to get visible for the plain consumer/investor.

Look at worldwide reporting, deflation is talk of the day now. And still people think that inflation rules the day. Inflation numbers are down. Don't let yourself get fooled by the printing press only. The dollar is strengthening against the euro momentarily, showing a second (minor) rally favoring the dollar currency. I expect the ECB to lower its rates again soon as EU conditions deteriorate with small lag to the US economic condition.

I understand that my contribution and reporting is something that you may consider premature at times, but I haven't said a thing incorrently since I started contributing.
You probably also missed my notion of me investing 40 percent of my assets into gold and silver recently. I have made 107 percent on HL and 50 percent on CDM and some other investments are heading the right way. My losses are actually reduced to a mere 30 percent since the crisis unfolded back in August. So I haven't done badly in one (or two) months time. You won't caugt me timing the markets, altough it can be challenging to do so, I agree.

I will continue to supply my "contrarian" views on a regular basis, but remember; you don't have to agree with me Wil. If you don't like is, don't read it. Its simple as that.


January 6, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterde Graaf

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