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Buying Stocks: A readers concerns


One of our readers has expressed the following concerns, which we will try to answer. However if you have some better suggestions please send them in as there appears to be a number of our readers with the similar concerns.

Hi Bob,

I have a few questions regarding buying ANY stocks, even commodities, on the US exchanges. If the stock markets have a meltdown or a crash, won't everything be frozen by the FED Reserve? Also, it is widely known there is mass manipulation of most stocks by certain elements. On that note, wouldn't it be wiser to but on the Canadian Commodities Exchanges? How does someone in the US buy on Canada's exchanges? I am a dual citizen and but I was hoping to be directed to a broker from here in the US. Do you know how it is done?

I appreciate your good advice in your articles and hope you have time to put a confused investor, in a tumultuous market, at ease with some sound advice.

I am worried by the scams in the markets and considering just buying gold/silver coins. Any thoughts?

Thanks again.


First of all we are not allowed to offer individual financial advice as we are not financial advisors and we are not aware of your particular circumstances or your aversion risk, etc. So the three web sites that we host are not for the faint hearted and you should never invest cash that you cannot afford to lose.

So if it helps we will tell you what we do regarding your enquiries as it suits us to do so but may not suit you.

So, we trade on the New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Venture Exchange in Toronto. We trade stocks using web-based stockbrokers as advertised on BNN the Canadian business channel that we watch via the web. We currently use three of these companies, as we do not want to have all of our cash tired up with one company.

We do not have our accounts all in the same country because of our distrust of politicians and governments.


You are right to be weary of scams they have existed since time began, pump and dump etc. When conducting a SWOT analysis on any investment we do give some consideration to the Threats that could put a hole in our investment account. However we have no sure fire way of protecting ourselves from such occurrences other than to invest in a number of stocks thus spreading the risk should one particular stock not perform as expected.

We like coins and physical metal but we do not hold any for the simple reason that we do not know where to keep them. If we stored precious metals here we could get burgled, a bank would charge us for the privilege, etc, so we stick to buying stocks.

Stay tuned with our free newsletter.

Hope this helps.

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