Setting the Silver Standard: Up Over 87%
Friday, July 13, 2007 at 05:15AM
Silver Prices in Silver Mining Companies
Silver Standard has gained 87.3% since we signalled a BUY at $19.98.

Setting the Silver Standard: Up Over 87%

This has been one of our best performing silver stocks of the year, making solid gains despite no amazing gains in silver prices.

The key to this success is quality. Quality is King.

Quality silver stocks will do a great deal better than the explorers still searching for a glint in the ground and who have no production. The market cap of over $2 billion does not put us of at all, especially when this silver stock is doing so well.

Silver Standard has good mines that are in production so they will be selling their silver into a rising silver market in the years to come. No extremist government is going to snatch their projects away from them – I mean “nationalise” the projects, as SSRI operates in politically stable areas of the globe. Its operations are in Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru, which are all mining friendly countries.

We will continue to hold Silver Standard as it is one of the best silver stocks on the market at the moment. The fact that it is up over 87% since our BUY and in the same period the underlying commodity is up just over 20% is a sign of fantastic strength in the stock. In years to come, when silver is twice what it is now the SSRI stock price will be well into triple digits.

Silver Standard trades as SSRI on the NASDAQ and as SSO on the TSX
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