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Silver Standard Resources Outperforms Silver Prices

Having almost doubled since our purchase in July, we are obviously very pleased with the progress being made by Silver Standard Resources (Stock Symbol is SSRI on NASDAQ and SSO on the TSX).

SSRI Stock Chart

Silver Standard is a fairly large silver mining company, with a market cap now of about $2.25 billion and it controls the worlds largest published in-ground silver resources of any publicly traded silver company.

To some, Silver Standard's size may be viewed as a negative aspect of the company, as some investors may view SSRI as too large and so unable to offer enough leverage to silver prices. Well although it is true that many smaller silver stocks can rise more dramatically than SSRI, volatility works both ways and these small stocks that shoot up, can easy be shot right back down to where they started, or even lower.

SSRI offers quality silver mining projects, a strong management team and a stable stock price that is rising with silver prices and even outperforming them.

Silver compared to SSRI

With silver stocks it is key that they outperform silver prices and that is why we are investing our hard earned money in them. However what is more important is that they do rise with silver prices. This is imperative as you may own a junior silver company with all the potential in the world, but if its stock price is not moving up with silver prices, they are not worth owning. It is fine to own a few speculative explorers on the off chance that they go to the moon, but the majority of our capital invested in silver is in companies that will follow silver and outperform it all the way up. If you don't have some silver stocks that are moving with silver prices, then it is possible that you could watch silver prices go all the way up into the sky, and yet your stocks are not rising due to the fact that the market is not sure that they have any silver reserves/any commercially viable silver/any silver that can be mined in time to take advantage of the current bull market in silver.

Silver Standard

Silver stocks like SSRI are key to a good silver portfolio as you know that they are going to rise with silver prices and that they will perform better than them. By subscribing to the Silver Prices Newsletter you can keep updated on our latest ideas about silver stocks and silver prices, totally free of charge.

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