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SILVER-PRICES.NET: The Free Silver Portfolio

SILVER-PRICES.NET: The Free Silver Stocks Portfolio

HL, CDE, SLW, SSRI, PAAS, produce an average 22.71% gain in less then 2 months. Brought to you by the only free silver mining stocks portfolio on the web.

We are delighted to report such terrific progress to you gained in such a short period of time. Silver is preparing for a major upward move make no mistake about it. We are doubly pleased to have positioned ourselves early in this bull market. If you have not made an investment in silver stocks then please do it now. If you don’t like our selection and think that you can do better then go and put your cash into those silver stocks that appeal to you. It’s your money. But, please don’t hang about there may not be too many Dips left to buy!

Got it?

Good, we can now continue with our progress report.

Portfolio Update 01 September 2006

Our silver portfolio continues with its dream start. Despite some excellent gains we are not taking any short-term profits, not at this stage in the game.


Investment is sometimes like playing chess; you can take that pawn right now and experience a small sense of victory. On the other hand your objective is checkmate, which requires patience and coolness to go for the kill. There may be an opportunity to play silver as silver prices rise taking the silver stocks ever higher and will tell you if that time has come. However, we are in this to make a financial killing and that’s exactly what we intend to do.

We have only recommended five stocks during the month of July, and our position remains the same. All of our analysis, ideas, predictions, and thoughts, etc., are published freely on this website for your perusal and comment and the odd chuckle.

A brief update of our portfolio follows:

1. Hecla Mining (HL) we paid $5.27 on the 5th July 2006 and it now stands at $6.47, a rise of 22.77%, which represents a wonderful progress.

2. Coeur d Alene (CDE) we paid $4.85 on the 7th July and it now stands at $5.57, a rise of 14.85%, another terrific advance. Record 2nd quarter earnings have given us a boost.

3. Silver Wheaton (SLW) we paid $9.41 on the 8th July 2006 and this stock is currently trading at $11.26, a rise of 19.66%.

4. Silver Standard resources Limited (SSRI) we acquired this stock for $19.98 on the 15th July 2006 and it now stands at $25.67, a rise of 28.48%, the current leader of our investment pack.

5. Pan American Silver Corp (PAAS) we bought at $18.00 and it now stands at $23.01 a rise of 27.83%, lying in 2nd place, another sparkling performance.

Assuming that we placed an equal amount of money into each of these mining stocks then the average gain is 22.71%, in less then 2 months!

Yep, we are happy!

A great start continues with the performance of our selection of five silver mining stocks. Our philosophy also remains the same: to be bold and invest in those unhedged silver miners that will react to silver prices generating growth and profits quickly.

Thanks again to all the people who use MSN, your readership has pushed our website into the number one spot when searching silver prices, we really do appreciate your support.

This week’s email has thrown up a number of recommendations for some rather small silver explorers, which we did take a quick look at. If any small silver explorer discovers silver then it is bonanza time, if not they disappear from sight. As a strategy we don’t like the idea of holding 100s of stocks in the hope that 1 of them might be the next big thing. We prefer steady growth and are looking for our investments to double and more, which we think is exciting enough.

We welcome you to observe our moves in the months ahead and please feel free to make comparisons between us and other analysts. Our knowledge is shared with you for free so please enjoy and have a chuckle from time to time.

Always, always, discuss your investments with your regulated financial advisor before putting your hard earned money on the table.

Also try writing down just why you are buying a particular stock and just what you expect it to do. Then monitor it closely; a picture will evolve that contains the truth, so listen to it.

01 September 2006

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