Thursday, November 23, 2006 at 07:33AM
Silver Prices in Silver Portfolio
The webs only free portfolio of silver stocks provides a quick update of our silver investments to date. We are very pleased with the progress made in a short time, however there is a little pruning to do.

Below is a list of what we have and a record of the progress that has been achieved to date.

HL $6.54 BUY
Bought for $5.27 has gained 24.10%

PAAS $23.48 BUY
Bought for $18.00 has gained 30.44%

SLW $11.02 BUY
Bought for $9.41 has gained 17.11%

CDE $5.16 BUY
Bought for $4.85 has gained 6.39%

SSRI $27.74 BUY
Bought for $19.98 has gained 38.84%

The average gain for the above silver stocks is 23.37%. We consider these stocks to be ‘quality’ and expect them to soar as and when silver makes its move.

We feel that EPL is making reasonable progress at $0.65 and we will continue to hold and watch. CPY (which we got for free) has come off its highs considerably, so with a small profit we are pulling out of this one, as there are better performers in this sector. The cash will be re-invested shortly.

EPL $0.65 HOLD
Bought for $0.53 has gained 22.6%.

CPY $0.73 SELL
Bought for $0.00 has now been sold for $0.73.

We are still very bullish here at silver-prices, as we believe that silver has a long way to go. So, we are not selling any of our silver stocks. If and when we have the cash we will be purchasers of the above-mentioned silver stocks, apart from CPY, which we have now sold.

Our research continues but it is difficult to better the above list. CDE is lagging somewhat but we expect it to close the gap on the front-runners. We are about 90% invested in silver, gold and uranium stocks. We do not hold any other stocks.

The DOW scares us at the moment and we are glad not to be there.

For now though we are content to hold and enjoy as steady progress is being made.

Try not to be too ‘micro’ in your observations. What is important is the big picture and being in this asset class. There will be volatility so expect it, be comfortable with it and be patient.

We have had a number of emails suggesting we buy numerous minnows. In our experience a small stock can rocket up and look wonderful at the time but very few investors have had an exit strategy in place and the discipline to go with it to actually lock in a profit. On our sister site for uranium stocks we sold 50% of Fronteer yesterday for a 94% profit. We still rate the company very highly but it was time to take some money off the table, in our view. If we are lucky enough to get a dip in Fronteer’s stock price we will become buyers again. This was an opportunity to trade and we took it.

These opportunities will also come to the silver stocks mentioned above, just when you have fallen madly in love with them we will tell you its time they went! We will all cry, then count the profits and wait patiently for the next entry level to present itself.

By the way, just for fun we entered the Gold Drivers Junior Stock Picking Contest under the name of and are we proud to tell you that we are in first place at the moment, you might like to take a look? Just follow the link to their site.

Relax, this will take a little time but you wont be disappointed.

23 November 2006
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