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History Shows A Gold Bull Market Is Fast Approaching

History Shows A Gold Bull Market Is Fast Approaching

By Jeff Clark

Yearning for sunnier skies for your gold investments? How’s this sound…

  • Gold in a decisive bull market, with the price steadily rising
  • Silver soaring and outpacing gold’s gains
  • Gold stocks rocking, erasing underwater positions and racking up the profits

That’s not pie in the sky wishful thinking—it accurately describes the next stage of the gold market, something that will soon visit your portfolio.

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What Is a Silver Certificate Dollar Worth?

By Matt DiLallo

Silver mining is thought to have begun more than 5,000 years ago in what's now Turkey. The metal was seen as a valuable resource to early civilizations, and its value has held throughout the centuries. As trading evolved, so did the use of silver and gold as currencies of trade, as these commodities were eventually used to back paper currency systems,

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James Turk: Theft Of Greek Bank Deposits To Send Shockwaves Around The World!

Today the man who first predicted Greek bank deposits would be stolen warned King World News that when the theft of Greece's bank deposits actually takes place it is going to send shock waves around the world!  

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The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October

The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October

By Jeff Clark

I’m going out on a limb: I think the next bull phase in the gold market gets underway before October.



But not due to runaway demand…

At an International Monetary Fund (IMF) forum last month, China’s central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, made it clear he believes the renminbi is “ready for reserve status.” It would be a huge step for the Chinese currency, starting with the fact that it would be added to the basket of currencies IMF member countries can include in their official reserves. Billions would be invested in it.

What was the IMF’s reaction?

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May122015 Stock Trader Update 13 May 2015

The Gold Bugs Index, the HUI, remains under the cosh just above its lows of 150 made in 2008, this support level has been tested a few times and should it fail to hold the ensuing drop could be dramatic.


Chart of the HUI:


This has been an extremely hard time for the producers as the rallies have come in short bursts but any traction they had soon petered out.

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Buy Silver or You Will Die!

Buy Silver or You Will Die!

By Jeff Clark

It’s the news everyone dreads—a call from the hospital. And it’s about one of the most important people in the world…

Your mother.

[Every ALL-CAPS ITEM below contains silver or is required in its use.]

You hear the nurse talking urgently through your TELEPHONE and you realize it’s serious…

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A Powerful Weapon of Financial Warfare—The US Treasury’s Kiss of Death

A Powerful Weapon of Financial Warfare--The US Treasury's Kiss of Death

By Nick Giambruno

It’s an amazingly powerful weapon that only the US government can wield—kicking anyone it doesn’t like out of the world’s US-dollar-based financial system.

It’s a weapon foreign banks fear. A sound institution can be rendered insolvent at the flip of a switch that the US government controls. It would be akin to an economic kiss of death. When applied to entire countries—such as the case with Iran—it’s like a nuclear attack on the country’s financial system.

That is because, thanks to the petrodollar regime, the US dollar is still the world’s reserve currency, and that indirectly gives the US a chokehold on international trade.

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Key Components of Global Silver Demand Rose in 2014

(New York City – May 6, 2015)  Key components of global silver demand rose in 2014, with global silver jewelry demand posting a new record last year and silverware offtake rising to its highest level since 2006.  This was coupled with notable growth in key silver industrial end uses, including ethylene oxide, photovoltaics, and brazing and alloys, according to World Silver Survey 2015, released today by the Silver Institute.   Gains in supply from mine production and producer hedging were partially offset by a continued decline in scrap supply.

Silver Fabrication Demand

Total silver physical demand stood at

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Can You Put Your Brainpower into Overdrive?

Can You Put Your Brainpower into Overdrive?

By Doug Hornig

Chances are, you haven’t heard about nootropics yet. They’re still pretty far out of the mainstream. But they’re beginning to gather some steam as they head for the public consciousness (pun intended), and it seems likely they’ll be getting increasing press in the near future.

So what are they?

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These Three Developments Say New Mine Supply Is Peaking

These Three Developments Say New Mine Supply Is Peaking

By Jeff Clark

Our curiosity was piqued as we reviewed the year-end reports of the primary gold producers. When we tallied the results, even we were surprised.

The upshot of what you’ll see is that at its current pace, new supply will be unable to keep up with demand. It may look like a story that doesn’t have much immediate impact, but this emerging new reality is staring us right in the face.

Specifically, there are three developments underway that paint an ominous picture for new gold supply…

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